Dance Floor



Meditation practice is simple, and it’s a dance. The simplicity is in the technique: sit straight, find the breath, work with your thoughts. This simple technique is also sophisticated. It’s not purely simple, it also works on various levels at the same time. The dancelike quality of practice happens in that simple technique. You dance with the rhythm of the breath, the feelings, thoughts, and posture. It doesn’t always feel like a dance, and it doesn’t have to be that graceful all the time,  but there is a rhythm and flow to it.


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  1. Love this comparison of meditation to Dance. I
    Know what you mean. Btw we are on the way to
    A visit to Amherst college w our daughter. Your alma mater, yes?

  2. Yeah, I like it because some teachers I like have used it, as well as a former boss, at a school I worked at loved to use it in reference to teaching (dancing with the students). No, my alma is Oberlin, good old weird Oberlin. Have a great trip!

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