Four reminders, new

In my mini-series about the four reminders…

1. Don’t waste your life.

This doesn’t mean go crazy trying to do projects. If you have to, for work, I guess it might be good not to take them too seriously.

2. Death is a constant possibility.

I think one trick here is that it’s easy to live on the surface of things. I know from experience that you can remind yourself intellectually about death and change a lot, and not have your experience change. Then there’s no point. Sometimes, I think moments of real panic, fear, surprise are very useful. They allow you to go beneath the surface of intellectual meandering.

3. There’s cause and effect, suffering and relief.

Certain things cause certain effects, specifically suffering, and the relief of suffering. One point there is that it’s not supposed to be a guilt festival in regards to suffering. Suffering may be the result of negative karma, or negative actions. That doesn’t have to get heavy handed or become some sort of prison sentence. A practical approach seems useful a lot of the time.

4. We’re working on the “root cause of samsaric existence.”

Said root cause sounds a little esoteric or Eastern maybe. It just means you can:

-get lots of relative benefits from practice and study (relaxation, stress relief, focus, health benefits)

– these are not the point (the point is realizing the end of suffering entirely)

So, again: don’t waste your life. Death is always around the corner. Karma is not Zeus blasting you with thunderbolts. The whole deal is about ending suffering completely. Time to fret about making lunch.



Svenska: Dramatiska teatern i Stockholm, mask ...

Svenska: Dramatiska teatern i Stockholm, mask av Carl Milles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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