For anyone attended last week’s class, the first session of Meditation 101, this is a little reminder.

In that class, we talked some about “precious human life.” Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs and experiences, some activities seem meaningful, and some less than meaningful. At least that’s the idea. Possible problems or objections to that argument?

I think one natural consequence of that experience is a sense of renunciation: the feeling that you can really give up on, or reject certain things. I wouldn’t jump too far ahead from that to assuming a certain lifestyle is “mindful” or “peaceful.” I think there have to be a billion ways to live a goodl life. At the same time, renunciation involves an attitude change that should, probably, influence how you devote your time and energy.

Then, one possible objection is: well everyone already does that anyway. Based on their beliefs and dreams and experience, they dole out time and energy. I think that’s a great place for practice and community to come in. Those two often add a necessary tweak to your perspective. In next class, we’ll talk about impermanence. This is change, and death. Usually, death is included in the discussion of renunciation: what you take on, what you give up, could change once you start to think about the inevitability of death. Of course, it’s essential to remember that death doesn’t mean doom and gloom, it’s more like a good reminder, leading to meaning.


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