Milarepa’s song of the seven adornments

I pay homage to Marpa the translator.

I see the essence of being

and sing this song of the seven adornments.


You mischeivous demons assembled here

lend me your ears and listen closely.

Beside Mount Sumeru

The sky shines blue over the southern continent.

The firmament is the beauty of the earth.

The blue of heaven is its adornment.


Above the great tree of Sumeru,

radiance shines from the sun and moon

lighting the continents.

With love and compassion the king of the nagas

wields his miraculous power.

From the vastness of the sky

he makes the rain fall.

This is the adornment of the earth.


From the great ocean, vapors rise

up to the sky

where they form clouds.

A causal law governs the transformations of the elements.


In midsummer, rainbows appear over the plains

resting gently on the hills.

The rainbow is the adornment of the plains and hills.

In the West, when rain falls on the ocean,

bushes and reeds flourish.

These for all the creatures living there

the beauty and adornment.


I, a yogi who wants to remain in solitude

meditate on the emptiness of mind.

Amazed by the power of my concentration

you jealous demons practice magic.

For a yogi, demonic distractions are the beauty and adornment.


You nonhuman beings, listen closely.

Do you know who I am?

I’m the yogi Milarepa.

From my heart grows the flower of mind, enlightenment.

With a voice of clarity I sing you metaphor.

With sincere words I preach the dharma.

With a generous, kind heart I give you the following advice.

If, in your hearts, bodhicitta sprouts,

although you may not be able to help others,

you will gain joy and liberation.

Do this by renouncing the ten unvirtuous acts.

If you follow my teachings,

your accomplishments will grow and grow.

If you practice dharma now,

endless joy will finally appear.





About jakekarlins

Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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