Milarepa Friday 13th part 2



I bow  down at the feet of my guru.

Good patrons, if you want to realize the essence

of the mind,

practice these: faith, knowledge, discipline.


These three things are the central pillar of the mind.

This is the tree you should plant and cultivate.

Nonattachment, nonclinging, and seeing clearly

these are the shields of the mind.

They are light, but strong.

You should seek out these shields.


Meditation, effort, energy,

these are the three horses of the mind.


Self-luminosity, self-cognizance, and self-rapture

these are the three fruits of the mind.

Refine the fluid and essence emerges.

If you want results, these are the results

you should look for.

Coming from yogic intuition

I sing this song of the twelve meanings of mind.

Inspired by faith, keep practicing my good patrons.




I supplicate my guru.

I met you by having accomplished great merit.

Now I stay where you predicated I would.


This place of hills and forests is delightful.

In the mountain meadows flowers bloom.

The trees sway and dance in the forest.

Monkeys play here.

Birds sing. Bees buzz around.

All day rainbows come and go.

A sweet rain falls in both summer and winter.

Mist and fog roll in during fall and spring.

I’m happy to live in such a pleasant place, alone,

meditating on the emptiness-illuminating mind.


What a pleasant array of manifestations!

The more variations there are, the more joyful I feel.

What a pleasure to have a body free from negative karma.

These innumerable confusions are a joy!

The more fear I feel the happier I am.

What a wonder- the death of emotions.

The larger the upset, the larger the passions

the more ease and pleasure you can feel.


How good it is to know that joy and suffering are one.

How good it is to move and play

with a body empowered by yoga.

Isn’t it fun to jump, run, dance, and leap?


How good it is to sing a victory song.

How good it is to chant and hum.

Even better to speak and sing at the top of your voice!

The mind that is steeped in nonduality

is powerful and confident.

The highest ease is the self-existing emanation of energy.


These multifarious forms and insights arising are delightful.

I sing this yogic song of joy

as a gift to my faithful students.





Oh, my guru shows the unmistakable path to liberation.

The perfect guide, the great compassionate one,

please never leave me.

Always remain above my head, as a jewel on my crest.


Listen, followers of the dharma,

meditators sitting here,

although the teachings of the buddha are numerous,

the gifted can practice vajrayana, profound path.


If you want to become a buddha in this life

do not crave things

and do not intensify your ego-clinging

or you’ll be entangled in good and bad, this and that,

and fall into the realm of misery.


When you serve your teacher,

refrain from thinking,

“I work while he enjoys the benefits.”

If you feel this way, unhappiness will surely follow,

and so your aspirations will flounder.


When observing samaya, avoid associating with troubled people,

or you’ll be contaminated by their influence,

and you could violate the precepts as a result.


When you study and practice,

do not arrogantly cling to words

or the dormant fire of the five passions will flare up

and virtuous thoughts and deeds will be consumed.


When you meditate with friends on retreat,

do not do too much, or your virtue and devotion

will run out.


When you practice creation and completion

based on the ear-whispered instructions

do not perform magic or bother with spirits.

If you do, demons might arise in your own mind,

and worldly longing will burn.


When you have acquired experience and realization

do not show off your power,

or predict the future.

If you do, the secret instructions could lose potency,

and merit and insight could, then, diminish.


Be careful! Avoid these pitfalls,

and avoid nonvirtue.

Don’t eat poisonous food.

Don’t eat dangerous offerings.

Don’t speak sweetly just to please others.

Be humbly and modest, and you’ll be on the right track.



About jakekarlins

Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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