Milarepa friday the 13th

The blessings of the guru enter my heart.

My I realize emptiness.


In answer to my faithful patrons

I sing a song that is pleasant to even deities and buddhas.


Arising, emptiness, and nonduality,

these three things are the essence of the view.


Luminosity, nonthought, undistractedness,

these three things are the essence of meditation.


Freedom from clinging, nonattachment, being unbiased,

are the essence of action.


No hope, no fear, no confusion,

these are the essence of accomplishment.


Not trying, not hiding, or discriminating,

these three are the essence of the vows.





I bow down at the feet of the guru.

Deep in the unspoiled forest

I happily practice meditation.

With no attachment or clinging

moving or being still is equally pleasant.

Healthy in body and mind,

I willingly sustain my illusory form.

I never sleep,

just sitting comfortably in the quiet.

Abiding in the samadhi of impermanence

I taste enjoyment.

I’m glad that my chandali practice is continuous.

I joyfully do my tantric practice

with no fear or confusion.

I perfect my cultivation of energy with no distraction.

I’m really happy to be alone.

These are the pleasures of my  body.


The path of wisdom and skillful means is enjoyable.

The yoga of creation and completion,

and nondual meditation are enjoyable.

Prajna, awareness of not coming or going, is enjoyable.

No friends, no chatting, the absence is enjoyable.

These are the pleasures of speech.


The understanding of nongrasping is enjoyable.

Meditation without interruption is enjoyable.

Accomplishment free from hope or fear is enjoyable.

Actions done without defilement are enjoyable.

These are the pleasures of mind.


Luminosity free of thought and change- this is enjoyable.

The great bliss of dharmadatu- this is enjoyable.

The unceasing realm of form- this is enjoyable.


This little song of enjoyment flowing freely from my heart

has been inspired by meditation, the merging of action and prajna.

Those who want the fruit of bodhi

may follow this this path of yogic practice.



About jakekarlins

Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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