So what is “meditation basics”?

For anyone interested, here’s a little about the series called Meditation Basics.

The emphasis is more on practices than on the intricacies of Buddhist thought. Not that the intricacies are bad; they’re wonderful, but they’re not for everyone. To get an actual feel for the practices, it’s probably best to show up and try a class.

But what are the classes like? Well, Basics 1 one focuses on mindfulness meditation. This is sitting meditation. Actually, there’s a lot to work on just with this technique. There’s a lot of depth there, and a lot to be discovered. It’s also a foundation for other techniques.

Basics 2 works on some other practices. It continues with the practice of mindful sitting meditation. We work on walking meditation, and also the practice of “the four immeasurables.” This is an introduction to contemplative meditation. In some ways, it’s more intellectual than mindfulness practice.

As you can see, we don’t do anything too exotic, or complicated. Part of the idea there is that learning foundational practices like mindful breathing allows people to do other practices (like visualization) better, if they want to at some point. It’s like doing strength training in order to get better at playing soccer, or baseball.

Basics 1 and 2 coming up in a few weeks. Basics 3 will probably be in the near future, and here’s what that covers: more mindfulness, and what’s known as “body scan” meditation. Another technique is taught as well. The body scan turns the mindfulness developed in other practices, and turns it inward, into the body.

This is what Basics covers. Not too much philosophy, lots of practice.

365/220 The meaning of mindfulness, Aug. 08, 2011

365/220 The meaning of mindfulness, Aug. 08, 2011 (Photo credit: ConnectIrmeli)


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