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As Fall settles in, there’s plenty of good stuff to look forward to- holidays, food, the season itself (always my favorite). Then there’s also the Fall classes starting next week. The big news there is the weekly dharma talks. Dharma (Buddhist teachings) talks are a chance to sit and rest the mind, enjoy community, and deepen your understanding (or just begin to learn about this tradition and what it has to offer). Fall is often a time when things pick up, get busy, reach fruition. It’s a good time, I think, to learn about working with the business of the mind.


So the dharma talks will be once a week, and by donation. This means if you can show up, but can’t really afford much else, that’s fine. They will be on Tuesdays, I think. At this point, my schedule is really up in the air. As soon as I know, the times and days for classes, and gatherings will be set and posted up here.


So I don’t leave you with just an ad… I don’t have much on my mind as far as discussion right now. Could be getting up earlier than I’m used to. Here’s a few improvised poems for you.




What does it mean to be an expert?

I have no idea.

It’s time to use the bathroom.

People are afraid of religion.

That’s good. They should be afraid.

Then they should practice.

Religion is wonderful.

How pathetic that people get embarassed by it.

At the very least

it helps politicians make speeches.



My first ebook is up on Amazon. It’s short stories.

Fall Classes 2012

Recycled Art

This class will be hands-on, and experiential. Learn to meditate, and explore concepts such as interconnection, and mandala. At the same time, we’ll spend lots of class time working with recycled materials to create new art. No prior artistic training required.



Buddhist Psychology

Eastern and Western traditions offer sophisticated ways to understand ourselves. We’ll look at ways they intersect, and what to make of this. Topics will include ego, shadow, conditioning, the subconscious, and society and the individual.




This class will focus on a topic that combines complexity and simplicity at the same time. This concept comes from a body of teachings on the process of transitions within life, and from life to death. However, this model can also shed light on the changes that occur in our minds, as life shifts before our eyes.



Writing the Ocean

For beginning or experienced writers. We will do a little meditating, but will spend most of our time on the writing process. A variety of written exercises will be presented, on basics such as plot, character, and emotion. Overall, our goal will be to discover new ways to bring out a voice, and how to work with this.



Taking Up the Challenge

Recommended for more experienced meditators. Through a variety of traditional practices, we will both meditate in the studio, and out in the world, in a variety of locations. This class will work on “meditation in action” and bridging the gaps between formal practice and in the world practice.



Dharma Talks

These weekly get-togethers will be chances to practice, enjoy the support of community, and hear teachings. These talks will happen on Tuesday evenings. Open to everyone. Five dollars or by donation. There will be time for discussion after each talk.

(free/by donation)


Sitting and walking meditation

Open to everyone. Free public sitting and walking meditation, with some instruction.



Discounts apply. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Fall Classes are almost here!



Yes they are.

There will be some free classes, and some classes that are modestly priced this Fall.

Fall Schedule

(subject to change)

Sundays   (Sep. 16-Nov. 4)

10-11:15 am      Sitting and walking meditation (free)

11:30-12:45      Buddhist Psychology

Mondays (Sep. 17-Nov. 5)

1-2 pm    Meditation Basics 1

7-8:30 pm   Recycled Art

Tuesdays (Sep. 18- Nov. 6)

7-8:30 pm   Writing the Ocean

Fridays (Sep. 21-Nov. 9)

6-7:15 pm    Bardo

7:30-8:45 pm   Taking Up the Challenge

More details soon.


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