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New class starting soon!

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I’d like to announce a new class starting in January.

It’s called Selfless Self Help, and it’s taking place in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Let me know if you have any questions.



New classes on the way! Other thoughts will probably be included!

As I keep chipping away at the Milarepa material, and posting that here, it will show up, here. Or churning away, as one teacher put it, comparing Milarepa’s words to milk, which must be churned, and can then be transformed into milk, butter, and cream. In any case, I plan to keep working on that.
It’s a big task, a lot of songs. It’s interesting to me how a task that big can seem both totally undoable (how could you ever complete all of them, it would take either a monumental one time effort, or just years of smaller continued efforts) and casually very doable- if a song or two a day takes years, then so be it. It takes years, and means not a whole lot of effort, at least short term.

Anyway, classes… This was probably not clear, since I didn’t mention it directly, but the classes offered right now are part of a curriculum, and one that will be changing over time, but a curriculum nonetheless.

This is to say that, yes, I am just a guy offering some classes on meditation and theory, but, then again, I actually have a vision, buzzword that’s often a little annoying, or a plan, maybe, for the kind of education I’m offering.

One pretty traditional setup in Tibetan Buddhism is the “three yana” structure. This is one thing I’m basing my classes on.

So, in order to keep this post to the point, and not too boring, I’ll draw this to a close. Classes are being offered, and you’re invited to attend! Of course, if you are somewhat interested but not sure, you could attend one, and then decide.

Again, there is a curriculum, and it is based on this three part structure of the “yanas.” The next post, which you can skip if you don’t want a detailed explanation of the curriculum and plan for courses, will go over what this structure means more or less, and how I’ll be implementing it.

Oh, it’s also the anniversary of the first turning of the wheel of the dharma, the first official teaching the Buddha gave. Happy turning of the wheel!



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