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Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana




Sunday meditation is now from 8-9. Not too early!

Classes start soon: Intro to Buddhism, Meditation 101, and Dharma Art.

Here are some brief descriptions.


A look at Buddhist tradition: practice, theory, schools. Learn about the origins of Buddhism in India, and the historical Buddha. Learn about how Buddhism has mixed with the cultures of Asian countries. Learn about core concepts, such as mindfulness, karma, compassion, and suffering. This class will combine history and culture with practical experiential training. There’ll be lecture, discussion, and very short meditation periods.

Mondays and Thursdays, April 23-May 31

6-7:30 pm




This class will explore the basics of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. We’ll focus mainly on mindfulness (“shamatha-vipashyana”) meditation. This technique has been taught for thousands of years. It is common to all Buddhist schools. Many consider it useful in a secular sense: not limited to Buddhists. Certainly, all are welcome, interested beginners, and seasoned practitioners. There will be some discussion, but we’ll spend longer periods in sitting and walking meditation. We will also try some other meditation techniques. However, because mindfulness is the foundation of other practices, we will spend most of time practicing that. This class will be a prerequisite for future, intermediate classes.

Tuesdays, April 24-May 29

6-7:30 pm





Art has been used for ages to express the connection between man and his world. Art and magic are closely related. Buddhism has a long history of both secular and religious art. This tradition invokes wisdom through artistic means. We will not focus on the formal elements of traditional art. Instead, we will learn about how art can transform the mind (through perceiving and creating). Practically this means we’ll learn about Buddhist theory, we’ll meditate, and do art in class. No previous experience required. Basic materials will be provided at no extra cost. Feel free to bring extra art materials.

Saturdays and Sundays, April 28-May 27

Saturdays 10-11:30 am                     Sundays 11-12:30 pm



Ask me if you have any questions! Classes will begin in a few weeks. Discounts do apply, so have a look at the “discounts” page.          978-462-9737                 Newbury MA


meditation 101

meditation 101 (Photo credit: anyjazz65)



This is the barn where classes are held. Finally some photos! More on the way soon. Also, I’m thinking about classes to be held this summer. I have some ideas, but I want to hear yours too! What do you want to learn?



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