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Goodness, neutrality, suffering


Not only do you experience resisting, and lots of thoughts, when you meditate, you might experience negative emotions, too. Finally, Buddhists consider emotions as neither good nor bad (and they’re actually said to be positive, to be a form of good energy, when you’re awake enough to perceive that). This is an odd point and one I will only briefly try to expound upon.

Things are said to be neutral (in the sense of being themselves, or “suchness,” like the way a strong taste is just fully there are you experience the burning of it) and good. The latter is the more difficult part to explain. Somehow things are as they should be. On a bit of a tangent, master teacher Sogyal Rinpoche wrote once that people sometimes use karma as an excuse to not help others, saying, ‘it’s their karma’ to undergo misfortune. He said he responds that it could easily be our karma to help those people undergoing some kind of problem.

In the same vein, if things are as they should be, this could mean that people with terrible problems in their lives, even harder to bear than our own, could be there are part of our responsibility to be generous, patient, virtuous. The suffering of others might not mean that something is terribly wrong with the order of the universe. It could mean that people with relatively together or easy lives are being given a chance to help out. That is, in its way, a good thing. The intensity of suffering doesn’t negate that goodness.


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